i have this playlist available here and i'll keep updating it :)

aesthetic, coldplay, and galaxy image Temporarily removed
a sky full of stars - coldplay
aesthetic, alternative, and fantasy image pretty, wow, and billboard image
royals - lorde
background, green, and Lyrics image marina and the diamonds image
primadonna - marina and the diamonds
alternative, band, and cage the elephant image cage the elephant and matt shultz image
ain't no rest for the wicked - cage the elephant
quotes, twenty one pilots, and pink image top, twenty one pilots, and josh dun image
stressed out - twenty one pilots
Lyrics, natural, and imagine dragons image imagine dragons, dan reynolds, and ben mckee image
natural - imagine dragons
Lyrics, halsey, and sorry image hfk, badlands, and halsey image
sorry - halsey
lost boys and ruth b image ruth b image
lost boy - ruth b
album, die, and Lyrics image the 1975, band, and indie image
i always wanna die (sometimes) - the 1975
alternative, indie, and music image Image removed
woke the f*ck up - jon bellion
Image removed icon and vance joy image
riptide - vance joy
the script, if you could see me now, and Lyrics image Image by maggie
if you could see me now - the script
Temporarily removed colbie caillat, california, and singer image
try - colbie caillat
aesthetic, black, and cyber image Image removed
hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it - lana del rey