In 2-3 days, more than 500 people are beginning to follow my Dc || Marvel collection, so I decided to write such an article.

Which one do I prefer: Dc or Marvel?

Dc! <3

Favourite Dc movie:

Mature image flash, superhero, and superman image actor, aquaman, and batman image Image by solya
Injustice League

Favourite Marvel movie:

black, actor, and actors image Image by solya
Venom, X-Men:first class

Favourite series:

Image by solya david, fox, and Marvel image
Dc: Gotham || Marvel: Legion

Favourite male superheroes:

batman, Ben Affleck, and bruce wayne image superman, Henry Cavill, and dc comics image Marvel image james mcavoy, actor, and comic image
Dc: Batman, Superman || Marvel: Dr Strange, Charles Xavier / X prof.

Favourite female superheroes:

ww image Image by solya
Dc: Diana Prince / Wonder Woman || Marvel: Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch

Favourite villains:

joker image magneto, actor, and comic image
gif, tom hardy, and Marvel image
Dc: Joker || Marvel: Venom, Magneto

Favourite abilities:

actor, comic, and DC image
Dc: Superman power
gif, strange, and superhero image
Marvel: Scarlet Witch, Dr Strange and X prof. power

Favourite actor:

Henry Cavill image ezra miller, boy, and actor image Image by solya cameron monaghan, shameless, and Gotham image
Dc: Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller, Robin Lord Taylor and Cameron Monaghan
Image by solya Image by solya james mcavoy, actor, and sexy image tom hardy, actor, and handsome image
Marvel: Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, James McAvoy and Tom Hardy

Favourite actress:

gal gadot and wonder woman image Image by solya
Dc: Gal Gadot || Marvel: Elizabeth Olsen

Favourite couples:

Gotham image vision, actor, and Avengers image
Dc: Oswald and Ed || Marvel: Wanda and Vision
Thank you once again for following me! <3
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