it's thirty-one October
and she knows that is where she doesn't have to pretend
she wants hold you on, while cheating on you
My friend isn't jealous, in case you thought about it

First she wrote me: hey I'm Dom's girlfriend
and I was like: what?
I do not care, with whom you walk or make whatever think
if you are Donald Trump's girlfriend or what else

you just want to get attention, face of toad
you want to copy my friend's profile
and you want to copy my look
You know that stinks, maybe you just know how to copy?
go and tell your mom to teach you what creativity is
copier, copier
you are a liar

you created a fake profile with the photos of Mel
and you thought something good was going to happen?
Well, no, it didn't work for you. So you have berriche and cry with your boyfriend.

You want to treat it like an animal
you want to tell him what to do and who to bark
oh friend, then go and buy a dog

Oh wait, you must see me first before doing it.
because you are a copier.