Happy Halloween!

The annual guilt: Handing out candy, having leftovers, and either feeling guilty about eating all of it or throwing it away to avoid eating it. Now, you don't have to. Set aside your favorite candies, and put the rest to good use.

1. Donate it

This is my favorite method. A lot of kids (and adults) don't get much, or even anything to eat. Give them a hand!

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2. Holiday Goodies

After Halloween, it's all about the holidays. Put some candy aside to give to friends or family members as part of a holiday gift or birthday gift.

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3. Candy Buy-Backs

Give your extra candy for a reward, like money or coupons. See if you can find a buy-back near you on this website:

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4. Gingerbread Houses

Again, the holidays are already coming up. Time for gingerbread houses! You can find some great ways to decorate using your leftover candy.

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5. Military Care Packages

Send it to a hero in uniform. They'll appreciate it.

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Thank you, and

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