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Happy Halloween babes!! I don’t really do anything for this time of year, but decided to write a special article, so i did a list with my favorite halloween movies, although i haven’t watched many, the ones i have are really good, so hopefully you enjoy reading this. They’re not in any particular order.

autumn, cozy, and fall image witch, movie, and Halloween image Inspiring Image on We Heart It weird, quotes, and halloweentown image
Halloweentown has to be on this list, the first one is definitely the best one, but i like all of the sequels too
rowan blanchard and invisible sister image disney channel, dcom, and rowan blanchard image black, dark, and disney image molly, disney channel, and dcom image
Invisible Sister, not a classic, but it’s fun, cute and has my baby Rowan Blanchard on it
Halloween, food, and lights image hocus pocus, witch, and Halloween image hocus pocus, Halloween, and witch image Halloween and hocus pocus image
Hocus Pocus, probably the one that scared me the most as a kid, but it’s really good
moon, necklace, and blue image Halloween, magic, and movie image disney, childhood memories, and twitches image tattoo, moon, and sun image
Twitches, last but not least, such a great movie!!!!

I know, all of them are from Disney, but I’m a scaredy cat, so these are the only ones i’ve watched and liked.

Have a lovely day everyone! Hope you enjoyed this tag and let me know If you have any requests for my next articles...