so actually long time no see. but i am back. maybe not for a long time, but i am back.
so literally i decided to write this because even if i feel nothing now, i know, that i just have to remember what feelings we had for each other.


you havent been my lover.
you havent been my treat.

bill skarsgård, roman godfrey, and hemlock grove image it, bill skarsgård, and hemlock grove image

you were that lucky boy
wich i wanted to meet.

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you couldnt be so nice
you could just be my mate.

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but what we had become
theres not a lot to say.

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you touched me with your lips
you introduced me with your smoke

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and you and her just there
enjoying what i've done.

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you made me feel that pain
you made me feel unloved
and why am i a murdered
of what we could become?