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I probably should have posted this yesterday but Halloween just end at midnight so im not really late. I made this list with some of my favorite Halloween movies because i want to share it with you <3


I think this is the most recently movie from this list because I have an old soul. I've read some goosebumps books and I really enjoyed the movie.


When I watched it for the first time I was terrified because living dolls are freakin' scary. And the other mom...I still having goosebumps just thinking about her.
Even if I dont find it so scary anymore its a really good movie.


One of my top 3 halloween movies.
When I was younger I watched it like a million million million times. I think one of the reasons why i love that much this movie is because I am a twin and I've always had a thing with witches so I and my twin liked to pretend that we were the main characters.

-`,The Adams Family

I don't even have to explain why this movie is here.

-`,Corpse Bride

Obviously I want to list all Tim Burton movies, but i choose this one because I love it so much. There is not a specific reason. I just love it.

-`,Harry Potter

And last but not least, I couldnt let this wonderful movies out. I mean, its Halloween!! What could possibly match more this holiday than a whole wizzard world?