Well, it was such a long time without some writing. I needed some time for myself to recovery from everything what happend. And I learned a lot, soo there is some of my tips for you .. How to Reborn/Recovery


Well, this is not for making new friends or try to find some, but start to believe your actual friends. If they were with you, when you were broke they will be always.. Doesn´t metter about distance or time.

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Forgive yourself

Well this is real problem todays young people. This one is the most important and I think I can say it´s rule of happiness

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Let it go or be..

Do you know the feeling when you want something(somebody) to much , but you can´t have it? It´s just pure pain.
Do you know why? If you are trying to not feel pain, but you are still thinking about him/her/it. You can not be free. This is the only one think what ties you in pain.

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Tears are relief
When you want you can cry, scream or whatever you want
It´s for the RELIEF


Well, I think this is the most important of this list. You need to make time for yourself. Not waste fot the others. Soo now Take ONE DAY OFF. It means get yourself better treating, bubble bath with some mask on your face, get your nails done..also your hairs.

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with the PUREST LOVE Mona