Spotify: mirakurt

Seulgi, SinB, Chungha, Soyeon - Wow Thing

kpop, red velvet, and SM image soyeon, seulgi, and chungha image
Thoughts have now become a reality, and it’ll be everlasting

Roy Kim - The Hardest Part

kpop, music, and ulzzang image korean, kpop, and bts image
In your pretty eyes that I’m looking into there is no more me

UNI.T - I Mean

uni.t and i mean image DIA, k-pop, and kpop image
Who do you think you are? Shaking up my heart like this?

WJSN - Save Me, Save You

wjsn and save me save you image wjsn and save me save you image
I know you because I can feel you


bora, dreamcatcher, and japan image bora, dreamcatcher, and japan image
The mystery of this dream that I can’t escape from the message of my prayer that won’t be delivered

GWSN - Puzzle Moon

album, kpop, and gwsn image new girl group, gwsn, and puzzle moon image
Is this how it feels like to lose the light?


asian, asian girls, and dress image aesthetic, alternative, and kpop image
I keep waiting for you who won’t pick up

OH MY GIRL - Remember Me

girl group, kpop, and mimi image Image removed
Do you remember, the fireworks back then?

iKON - Goodbye Road

bobby, Chan, and DK image Image removed
I loved you to death but in the end, I didn’t die

Yuri - Ending Credit (To be continued)

Image removed Image removed
Ending credit that comes down slowly leaving a deep lingering image in each scene

The Rose - She's In The Rain

Inspiring Image on We Heart It asia, france, and korea image
She’s dying inside, she wants to think that it’s a lie

Rothy - Burning

kpop and rothy image kpop and rothy image
Thoughts of you fill me up and overflows


korea, kpop, and purple image Image removed
If you cross this line, it’s a violation, beep

*ZION.T ft. Seulgi - Hello Tutorial-

kpop, seulgi, and zion t image Temporarily removed
I practiced up until hello, but when I stand in front of you, why do I just smile like a fool?

BoA - Woman

boa and kpop image boa and SM image
Feels good to be a woman

Spotify: mirakurt