The elevator doors open and my eyes meet William's.

I take a deep breath and walk out, observing the people he's talking with. He keeps his eyes on me, arms crossed over his chest, nodding his head as he's making conversation.

I knew I would find him here waiting for me, that's what he always does.

something unusual happened today, I know it because William knows it. For years my father and I have been communicating through him.

it usually happens when something goes wrong or my life is in danger, either way it is his fault. I wonder which one is the cause of my presence in this building today.

"your father is waiting for us in the meeting room" William's voice interrupts the conversation in my head.

"no one tried to cut my throat for months now, I was starting to get really bored." I say trying to look as disinterested as possible as we start walking towards the door.

I look around, this place is full of security guards. No one can get in or leave this place without my dad's permission.

Before William manages to knock, I open the door.

My father is sitting aside, near the window, watching his employees who seem pretty desperate. as soon as our eyes meet, he gets up and moves a little bit closer to me.

"We were waiting for you Anastasia" I hear a familiar voice behind him. I move my head to face him. It's Lincoln, my father's right arm. I stare at him without saying a word, he looks back at me and we stare each other for a few seconds until I hear William whispering behind me.

"if you like that grip let's just detach it " his voice makes me go back to reality and I finally let the handle go, stepping forward.
He follows me closing the door behind him.

"Sit down" my father moves the chair for me. I look at him and sit in the one next to it, causing his half smile.

"Something unexpected happened" Lincoln starts talking.

I raise an eyebrow, snickering angrily spattering, "why don't you let my dad explain it to me?"

His mouth parts, ready to say something but hesitating. "Your father-"

"It's okay Lincoln." My dad sits down, more anxious than he was when he first stood up. "It's about Harry," he says, leaving me breathless.


I haven't heard that name for years.
My heart feels like it is in my mouth.

"He's alive" he adds. I can't stop the moisture beginning to fill my blurry eyes.

"Ana" William touches my arm, I look back at him, "did you know it?" I ask, my voice is shaking.

He doesn't answer.
He doesn't have to.
His eyes betrayed him.

The whole situation makes me feel sick. I feel pathetic, I had been so naive.

My fingers urgently brushes away the moisture rolling down my cheeks as I refuse to meet his gaze.

I stand up and hastily weave through the people in the room. I open the door and run out.

"Anastasia, please" He grabs my arm, and I quickly turn around, pulling my arm away from his hold.

His blue eyes stare directly into mine.
"Don't touch me" I say in disgust.
My body turns away from him and heads for the elevator.

I know he's still behind me. My speed increasing as I try to escape.

I slow a little, before my hands tugs off my heels as I hop forward.

I finally reach the lift, the doors open and I run into a tall boy with brown curly hair.

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