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Berre Memet
Berre Memet

1) Night

sunset, sky, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and cool image

2) Leaves

Image by 🖤PINKQUEEN🖤 autumn, beauty, and leaves image

3) An Animal

Image removed Temporarily removed

4) Flower

flower, goal, and inspo image flowers, rose, and aesthetic image

5) Exersice

Mature image Temporarily removed

6) Smiling Selfie

color, face, and france image black and white, eyeliner, and forget image

7) Inspiration

Image removed travel, autumn, and light image

8) Shoes

boots, shoes, and fashion image Temporarily removed

9) Good morning

coffee, sun, and sunset image morning, girl, and bed image

10) A book

Image removed book, apple, and light image

11) Memories

photography, camera, and photo image black, black and white, and photography image

12) OOTD

girl, camera, and outfit image clothes, fashion, and fashion inspiration image

13) Something Funny

Image removed amusement park, colorful, and entertainment image

14) Sunset

Image removed dawn, fog, and natural light image

15) Doodle

art, drawing, and peace image aesthetic, art, and artistic image

16) Warm Drink

coffee, drink, and inspiration image autumn, fall, and coffee image

17) Movie night

photography and vintage image movie, couple, and night image

18) Weather

Image removed amazing, autumn, and lake image

19) Outside

beach, blue, and ocean image travel, paris, and city image

20) With friends

aesthetic, alternative, and cool image autumn, friends, and fall image

21) Beauty

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

22) Favorite color

aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image Temporarily removed

23) Hobby

piano, music, and vintage image Temporarily removed

24) Laugh

Image removed black and white, girl, and photography image

25) Home

Image removed case, girl, and home image

26) Orange

autumn, girl, and fall image autumn, fall, and candle image

27) Jewelry

fashion, necklace, and jewelry image Temporarily removed

28) Looking up

architecture, looking up, and photography image aesthetic, blonde, and fall image

29) Cozy

autumn, Halloween, and fall image Temporarily removed

30) Food

Image removed Cookies, chocolate, and food image

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