some cute kpop songs i love <3

Image by ngNgcThoQunh3
oh my girl - coloring book

momoland - bboom bboom
weki meki - i don't like your girlfriend

joy, kpop, and red velvet image
red velvet - rookie

honey popcorn - bibidi babidi boo
guhara - choko chip cookies

twice, twice photoshoot, and twice likey image
twice - likey

orange caramel - catallena
produce 101 - pick me

I WISH, kpop, and cosmic girls image
wjsn - i wish

t-ara - roly poly
gugudan - a girl like me

nct, nct dream, and mark image
nct dream - chewing gum

nct 127 - touch
apink - nonono

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gfriend - me gustas tu

pristin - wee woo
lovelyz - ah choo

aesthetic, kpop, and jinsoul image
loona - girl front

apink - mr. chu
apirl - tinkerbell

block b, kpop, and zico image
block b - yesterday

ioi - very very very
clc - pepe

aesthetic, blue, and kpop image
aoa cream - i'm jelly baby

b.i.g - 123
gfriend - glassbead

mark, mark tuan, and got7 image
got7 - just right

lovelyz - wow!
red velvet - ice cream cake

thanks for reading !