One year ago, I created this account. I thought it could be a place where I let out my emotions without a single shame through poems.

I always loved to write, as far as I can remember I always did. I’m way better with words on paper than words coming out my mouth.

Before WHI I had an account on Tumblr, where I also shared articles and poems. But the reaction I had discouraged me: I hardly had one or two likes per post. So, when I came on WHI, I was far from expecting what I would face: a hundred of likes.

I posted my first poem on the evening, went to sleep, and the next morning saw about a hundred likes. I cried. To be recognised for something you worked hard on, but still feel unsecure about it, is amazing.

Today I have about six hundred followers, six hundred friends. For a lot of people, it might be nothing but for me it means the world. Just to know that actual people read my poems, like them, means the world to me. Some of you even became friends. When you guys reach out to me to talk about my poems, or the topic behind it, I get so excited.
So, thank you, thank you so much for just being here with me, for reading this.

Don’t forget you are not alone, I will be so happy if you want to talk to me about anything and everything, about serious topics like racism, depression, the place of women in the society, environment or just about how obsess you are with your cat (because I am too).

I love you all so much, thank you for everything.

Hope you’ll have a beautiful day, night and life.
Lots of love, Naomi.