today i wanna tell u three things i have heard once which really inspired me.

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1 | "there are no wrong decisions"

someone once said this & i was like damn u are fucking right. there is a reason u took a decision & it can't be wrong cause everything in this world happens for a reason.
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2 | "the more someone is comfortable with oneself, the better the show"

even if this quote was based on a dancingshow of a dancer, it really made me think. i came to the point that ur life is the show & the more u feel comfortable with urself, the better is ur life.
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3 | "worrying is like praying for something negative"

"i feel like everything in our brain is a bit like a prayer. u say it all out loud in the world and when u say "oh no i'll fuck it up" "oh no that won't happen" then u get all that back. but when u say "oh that will work" "oh i should do it like this, then it will work" then it really will work out." - marvin game
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