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So today I want to talk with you about cosmetics I’ve been using for three months. They helped my face skin so much, it looks smoother, healthier and my acne has gone (and on my period I got only one or two pimples, not seven, eight how I used to have).

Let’s begin!

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The products I want to recommend you is Yves Rocher ‘Sebo Vegetal’. I found it by accident, I wanted to buy my shower gel, and the shop assistant showed it to me. Well, at first I wasn’t sure if I need it, but I decided to give it a try. And I totally don’t regret it. It was my best decision ever, as we talk about cosmetics.
The first week using this was nothing. I couldn’t see any difference. Only the scrub was great for my skin, it really cleared it and left very soft. I was glad because I was straggling to buy a good scrub for me. Micellar water was quite good but just good.
At the second week, I noticed my skin was brighter and the sebum was reduced. You might be surprised I notice this, but for someone with combination skin and oily T-zone, it’s visible. I’m serious. My skin on T-zone wasn’t shining that much, as it did before.
The third week is when I decided to buy more products from Sebo Vegetal, because, girl, my face skin was perfect. It was the week where I was on my period and I was ready to cover my pimples with BB cream… but none appeared. I was shocked and happy at once because I didn’t except this. Only three weeks and I wasn’t even using the whole set, only two of it. So I took my mom and went to the Yves Rocher shop in my city and bought a mask, gel, and cream. And I’m totally in love with them!

I know these cosmetics are expensive…Actually, no. I'm shocked because in my city I can buy them for lower prices than those I’ve found on the internet. For the scrub, I’ve paid only $10.51 and on this site (link below) it costs $19. And my price was before taking 50% off. So yeah, it’s really weird for me.
But anyway, if you have combination or oily skin, you should look for it. You can try one or two of them just to test if they work for you. Wait for three weeks, like me, and see if there are any differences. I think it’s better to spend more money on cosmetics that work, than on cheaper who do absolutely nothing.


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