The other day I woke up and wondered where the time went. Who was I now and who was I becoming? I know everybody changes which can be a good thing. Today I was sort of missing the way I use to be and so I decided to put together an article of my old self.

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My nails were always short, chipped and black.
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My arms were covered in bracelets and my fingers always wore rings. More bling the better!
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My first piercings were in my ears, I had a nose ring, septum piercing, eye brow and belly piercing.
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My hair went from red to black to different shades of brown.
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My make up was dark on my eyes and different shades of brown on my lips.
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My wardrobe consisted of red, different shades of grey, black and white.
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I loved flannels and layering my shirts.
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You almost never saw me without a coffee.
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My hobbies included playing the cello, painting, and writing at a coffee shop.
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My first car was a white pontiac convertible which I bought from working at Cinemark.
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I had two big crushes. The first was on this handsome cowboy that rode horses and who was very respectful. The second was on a guitarist who rode a motorcycle, had tattoos and was in a band. Pretty dreamy, right?

So that's me, or old me. I don't know who I'm becoming now but maybe that's for a different article.