Happy Halloween!

I have school today so I don't know what to do before nightfall. I figured why not write an article. Just to reflect on October. After Thanksgiving I'll give a lookback at my Fall and share it with you guys. Sorry I haven't been able to write more articles, it is so hard to fit it in on the schedule.

Sweaters, Halloween, rain, coffee, and football, who doesn't love this month? But, October is drawing to an end as the nights get longer, days colder and more and more pumpkin spiced everything is being brought in to your panty every week. So far it might just be me but this month has gone by fast. Like, I've only gone to one pumpkin patch. As much as I will miss October I still adore the month of November. Beanies, foggy Sunday mornings, crisp air as you stroll during the evening, the one month where it is acceptable to listen to Fall and Christmas hits at the same time. Good bye October! See you next year.

So, alas, I have decided to make a Days of October article today. This will be on essentials for Autumn, room, bucket list, and playlists. Grab a tea and blanket because this might take a while.


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Lights, blankets, a furry friend and window with rain are all you need to get the best vibes your room has to offer you. Grab a book and curl up!


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Sweaters, socks, books, laptop, series, journal, umbrella, blankets and candles.


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Eggnog, (hot) apple cider, tea, coffee, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin spice chai lattes, and hot chocolate are my favorite fall drinks. I know eggnog is more of a winter drink but it has already started to come out.


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Overalls, sweaters, and checkered skirts are some of my favorites. Just look at them, need I say more.


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I normally don't have a certain playlist for Fall. I just listen to stuff like Frank Sinatra to Ed Sheeran. Halloween time I'll listen to some stuff like Thriller by Michael Jackson. My one must have is Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood.

Bucket List

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Carve pumpkins, go on a walk, buy some Halloween candy, and read in those last moments of 2018 October.


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Candy, apples, crockpots, and pies.

Books to read

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Here is some on my list: - Salt to the Sea - The Book Thief - Harry Potter - Anne of Green Gables - To All The Boys I've Loved Before - All the Light We Cannot See

Movies and Series to Watch

This time of year I watch the Halloween episodes of Pretty Little Liars, and others such as Charlie Brown: The Great Pumpkin, Beetle Juice, Ghostbusters, and horror movies.

Here are my favorite shows for this time of year:

1) Teen Wolf

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This is my favorite show ever I started watching it in Winter and finished in Summer. Stydia for life. It is basically the name only so much more. " I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone. Sarcasm is my only defense." - Mieczyslaw ( Stiles) Stilinski. " It's okay, it's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first love. The first person I ever loved. The person I'll always love. I love you, Scott. Scott McCall." - Allison Argent.

2) Riverdale

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I don't see this as a show for this time of the year but season 3 premiered earlier this month and the fourth episode Chapter 39: The Last Picture Show is airing out either tonight on some time this week. " I don't follow rules, I make them, and when necessary, I break them." _ Veronica Lodge. " I like that we say " Oh, man" to express disappointment. Because men are, in fact, disappointing." - Cheryl Blossom.

3) Pretty Little Liars

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A lot of you know this one. During this time of year, as I said before, I re-watch the Halloween episodes. Season two episode 13 and season 3 episode 13 and season 4 episode 13 and 14 give me Halloween vibes as well. Overall the whole show is creppy and great for Fall. " Secrets are what keep us close." - Alison Dilaurentis. " I'm ready to hang a sign, bitch can see." - Aria Montgomery.

4) Gilmore Girls

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Not spooky or Halloween-is but it is great for the Fall. Coffee lovers would love this show. A girl and her daughter who are best friends and have to deal with problems such as Friday night dinners with the rich Grandparents, relationships, and private schools. Just try out one episode of their problems, coffee, movie nights and relationships. " And if eating cake is wrong I don't want to be right." - Lorelai Gilmore. " I just got hit by a deer." - Rory Gilmore.

5) Hart of Dixie

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A really underrated show. Doctor Zoe Hart goes down to Bluebell, Alabama to find her long lost father. She finds out he's dead and takes over as the doctor and also gives advice for stuff such as relationships to people in the town. It sounds really cheesy but is so good. " Next time you'l see me I'll be so relaxed you'll think I joined a reggae band." - Lemon Breeland. " I am mayor Lavon Hayes." - Lavon Hayes.

Around this time I also watch _ The West Wing_ and _The Office_( which I love year round).

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, xoxo Katherine