Milena's very nature
radiates pure love

Her warm heart
once made healing others
a salient part of her essence

I've always thought
that the ones who smile the brightest
hide the darkest of all secrets
and she was no exception to the rule

Her life was cursed by the devil
before she could count to three
She has survived forest fires
and deadly storms at sea

Most of us haven't even seen the monsters
she was once forced to face
Most us can't even imagine the suffering
she has had to endure

It's in fact a great miracle
that she's still here
Still smiling in the pouring rain,
Still shining regardless of her pain

And when it comes to the people
who took her kindness as a weakness

they won't be walking with her
when she's sent to Heaven's gates
they won't feel any peace
when their sins destroy their fates