Here is some of the books that i would like to recommend to all of you guys!

1. love simon

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i love this book because this story is adorable af ! this book show everything such as friendship, family and teenager also society life. i'm sure you'll freaking curious like itchy monkey to find out who's blue (like me hahaha) anyway i won't spoiler so read it by yourself i'm sure you won't regret any single things. 9/10

2. Milk and honey

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milk and honey basically about beautiful poetry. This book inspiring and lovely. i love this book so much like freaking much because i love poem and quotes so to those who love poem i highly suggest this book. 10/10

3. A list of cages

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this books is very emotional and mesmerizing at the same time! when you read it you'll lost in it because of the main characters on this book is awesome like adam and julian. 9/10

4. Ready played one

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if you love adventurous and gaming type of books this book is for you! and also if you love 80's pop culture kinda type you need to read it so go buy or borrow it because this book is one fire and amazing! please grab ittt. 8/10

5. Aristotle and dante

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Discover secrets of the universe. This books about problematic family and two brother. There a lot of shit going on so i lost my mind on what should i explain first-- overall i love this book. 9/10

6. Turtle all way down

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so this is my favorite one because this book kinda relate to myself which is mental illness problem such as anxiety,ocd, and depression. i love how warmth this book i can read many time without getting bored of it i meant it no jokes-- and im also a big fan of john green i love all of his books so much. 10/10
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excuse my bad ass grammar THANK YOU! ❤