I've been on a hard self-discovery path for a long time. Most of the time my focus is on financial problems, health issues and overall worrying about the future. I never think of myself as an accomplished young woman, or how determined and fierceless I am and how some people can actually see the beauty within me.
So, I've decided to write about the things I like about myself, physically or about my personality and other features I ignore, and wich I should acknowledge so I can be more confident that I trully love the woman I became.

Today I'll speak about my body. I'm a petit (5'2/1.60m) and I have always been really skinny. After I went to my exchange year abroad in Italy in 2013 I've gained 10 kg. I've lost my sense of identity, I wasn't so small anymore, my clothes wouldn't fit in, and my muffin top only grew up. My students started asking wether I was pregnant, and as I'm an anxious person, all the comments only made eat more. I wasn't going to the gym, or making any sports. I used to spend up to 10 hours a day on the Internet, alone in my bedroom.

Eventually I started muay thai classes in November last year, but my timetable at work didn't allow me to continue this year. In July, though, I returned and I'm now not only training muay thai but also brazilian jiu-jitsu. The cover picture was taken about a week ago and it shows the results of only 3 months of work. I'm trying a vegetarian diet and it's making wonders for my metabolism and self esteem, because I always wanted to ban meat out of my menu but my mother is a full time carnivore and she does the cooking every day. Now I can only wish I'll be able to continue to practice daily, because this is certainly the best time I've ever had in the last 4 years. I punch, I sweat, I improve. I also hurt, get bruises all over and sometimes I get so tired I can barely walk home. None of that makes less of the fact that I'm healthier, slimmer and my self confidence is rising up like never before.

I hope you read this, get inspired and write your own thoughts of how much you love yourself and how grateful you are for all the stumbles you took to be who you are today.

You're amazing! Love,