now I'm no writing expert, but in my personal experience, I've collected a few things that help the process.

develope a style

this is probably one of the most important. it's hard to know how you want to write if you don't have much experience, and in that case, my advice is practice, practice, practice. you have to know how you want to write in order to obtain consistency in your work. me, personally, I like to use really strong diction, heavy imagery, and complex metaphors. that's why I tend to enjoy reading books like Lolita, their eyes were watching god and lord of the flies. reading books that similar to my style help me draw inspiration.

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create music playlists that match the mood of your story

it's important that your mood matches the mood of what you are writing. establish the story's sound. try to imagine if what you're writing was a movie, what would be the soundtrack? listening to these songs will get you in the mood and allow you to fully access your imagination.

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try to look at life through the lenses of your writing

once you start developing your story, it's a good idea to start looking for ideas in real life. applying the story you're writing to reality can help you draw inspiration and allow your mind to always be searching for new ideas. I know a lot of people, myself included, that have gotten our best ideas from turning situations we face daily into similar ones that match the integrity of our work.

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develop your characters

characters are equally as important as the storyline. you must be able to convey your point through them. I suggest listing our their personality traits, age, what they like to do, zodiac sign, etc. make a collection on WHI with pictures that match who the character is. maybe even make an article with an in-depth description of them. find out everything about them.

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expand your vocabulary

it's important that words in your work aren't constantly repeating themselves. make note of new and nice words you hear that you think match the integrity and connotation of your story. for example, a few words I've found and collected and try to use sparingly that match my current stories mood are "infatuation, captivating, satisfaction, sensation, admiration, innocence". I try to constantly collect more words that I can use. I also study 20 new vocab words every week and say them as much as I can in that week.

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carry around a creative writing journal

inspiration strikes everywhere and at any time, and when this happens, it's good to be able to jot down an idea wherever you are. whether you're at school, with friends, anywhere. mine is a simple composition book, that looks like any other. in it, I write characters, poems, collect words, story ideas.

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