Hi there!
Today it's raining outside my window and it's cold so I decided to write down some of my favourite recipes for the fall/winter season, super easy to make and perfect to warm up the kitchen (and the stomach)


  • hot chocolate
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I have hot chocolate for breakfast everyday during the fall/winter season, I've been loving it since I was a kid, in this period I started to make my chocolate more "spicy" adding cinnamon, coconut, or orange zest to try something different.
  • chai tea
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I drink chai tea when I have enough time in the morning to relax, pamper myself, wash my hair ecc so I can drink my tea with a face mask on listening to smooth jazz, that's life.
  • cappuccino
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I live in Milan, so Cappuccino (here we say "cappuccio" tbh) is a must, I drink it when I have breakfast outside with a brioche or if I want to seem more "adult" like, you now, wearing glasses, reading a newspaper and checking my e-mails #girlboss


  • pasta
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Ok so as an Italian, I have to defend my country saying that we DON'T eat pasta every single day, we don't eat Alfredo fettuccine (it's not an italian recipe btw) or past with avocado sauce or hummus (??) but I really love pasta (cacio e pepe, carbonara, zucchini and shrimps, rocket and cherry tomatoes, lentils and carrots, beans and tomato...there are endless possibilities!!).
  • risotto
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In italy we don't really eat "rice bowls" with avocado, beans and veggies, but we make risotto: it's like a more compact and hot plate of rice cooked with chicken broth and it can be done with mushrooms, bacon, cheese, peas and so on. You should definitely give it a try!
  • lasagna and baked pasta
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Lasagna and baked pasta are two of the main recipes made dring the weekend here in Italy, lasagna can be eaten for days, so it's a perfect way to save time during the week and coked pasta is te best method to recycle pasta that's not creamy anymore after days. ( we don't put mozzarella, spinach or chicken in it)


  • soup
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I love soups, I eat it like 3/4 times a week, here we make soup with everything but my favourites are: carrot soup, mushroom creamy soup, lentils soup and green soup (with spinach and peas). I love comfort food
  • chicken and potatoes
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who doesn't love potatoes?! They can be cooked in so many ways, fried, baked, stuffed with cheese, like crisps, like a soup... I just love them.
  • chicken and fish
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Chicken is so versatile, it can be used for so many recipes, with rice, with potatoes, alone with veggies or mushrooms. My favourite recipe is with lemon sauce made with lemons and flour, i could eat it everyday!


see you, XOXO