Today was a good day at university. Not really. I felt sleepy all the time. Not all of it, but most of it. So as you know(you may not know) that I have made a decision that i want pursure my career as a full time actor. Not just an actor. But a good one. I hope I stand out. And I will only take roles in movies that portray a good and powerful message. Wait, slow down Abdul Haseeb. Just be patient. Never give up. And work Hard.

  • Talked to people a bit more.
  • Wrote down my goals.
  • Didnt give up on programming task.

things i should do asap

  • Youre growing up. So please take the most of your time.
  • Work out. Please.
  • Focus.

Just always remember that you have A LOT OF GOALS in life and achieving them will be hard but not impossible. Please work hard. Pleease. Dont ever give up