The procedure starts with scrubbing the body - this is an extremely important body care procedure that cleanses the skin, removes the dead skin layer and improves microcirculation. This procedure promotes a renewal of a deeper layer of the epidermis, protects the skin from dryness and increases the effectiveness of other measures used.

During the massage, oils penetrate the bloodstream, soothe the central nervous system. Oils used together to stimulate energy points in the body, have a positive effect on your mood, eliminate toxins from the skin and muscles, stimulate blood flow.

Wrap-up measures that contain biologically active substances and minerals that activate microcirculation and cellular metabolism, promote metabolic processes, and eliminate excess fluid from the tissues of the body. During wrapping procedures, slags, toxins and other toxic substances accumulated not only in the surface but also in deeper layers are removed. The skin becomes smoother, more elastic. Symptoms of cellulite and stretch marks are decreasing, microcirculation and metabolism are improving. After the procedure the body is rubbed with natural serums and creams that moisturize the skin and provide it with mineral substances.

During wrapping, face cleansing, scrubbing, tinting and applying alginate algae mask will be done.

The procedure is completed with a full body moisturizing body cream.

The procedure consists of:

Whole body peeling sea salt; aromatherapy full body massage; wrapping with tinting seaweed; Expression facial treatment with alginate algae mask with marigold collagen and hyaluron; massage the whole body with a moisturizing cream.