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So, I came across this article and thought it was really cool so I decided to do it! Because, in case you guys don’t know, reading is one of my favorite hobbies.

1} ebooks or paper books?
- i really like paper books, but i’ve never bought one because i don’t usually re-read books so is kind of a waste of money for me, thus i prefer ebooks

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2} favourite authors?
- currently sarah j. maas, stephanie garber and rupi kaur

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3} favourite book?
- this one is tough because i hold dearly almost every book i’ve read but the one that has impacted me the most is empire of storms (throne of glass #5)

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4} favourite characters?
- i absolutely love aelin galathynius, rhysand, magnus damora, dante and scarlett dragna.

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5} favourite series?
- definitely throne of glass, a court of thorns and roses, the iron king and caraval series

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6} what genres do you prefer?
- young adult, fantasy and sometimes poetry

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7} what are you currently reading?
- onyx & ivory by mindee arnett

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8} how many books do you have?
- around 200 stored in my computer

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9} what books do you want to read?
- enchanteé by gita trelease, the wicked king by holly black and kingdom of ash by sarah j. maas

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10} do you have a favourite place to read?
- my bed or in a balcony

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11} online or indoor shopping?
- indoor shopping

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12} the last book you read?
- the cruel prince by holly black

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13} why do you read?
- to forget about my problems and to travel to an awesome world where everything impossible is possible

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14} do you remember the first book you read?
- no, i’ve always liked books since i was little, so i remember i used to read a disney atlas a lot and one i got a little older i bought greek and egyptian mythology books

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15} do you highlight quotes in books?
- no, never done it

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16} do you use bookmarks?
- i read online, so i don’t really need them

This is it for this article, I hope you all enjoy it 👻
ps: happy halloween 🎃

with love, adri x.