This article is to show some of my favorite series. Series - my life. I will share it with you

The Vampire Diares

After the car accident that killed her parents, the teen Elena tries to lead the life ahead. The mysterious young Stefan Salvatore arrives in the city, which awakens Elena's heart. But the return of Damon, Stefan's older brother, threatens this passion.

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Six friends face life and love in New York and love spending free time in the "Central Perk" cafeteria.

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The story of young teenagers and pupils on Hartvig Nissens upper secondary school in Oslo, and their troubles, scandals and everyday life. Each season is told from a different person's point of view.

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I will write a separate article about it! Love


Aspiring singer Tori Vega navigates life while attending a performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts.

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Big Time Rush

Four hockey players from Minnesota aspire to become a boyband. Kendall, Logan, Carlos, and James embark on a life-changing journey and face challenges along the way.

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I just can not convey in words all these emotions. Or maybe it's because I am learning English now?