it's been 10 months since I first laid my eyes on you;
i immediately fell for your deep brown eyes and your charming smile;
we'd just talk every night during hours;
and you were making me blush with your flirty talk;
every time we were hanging out with our friends we would tease each other for fun;
and everyone would notice that something was going on between us.

every passing hour I was falling in love with you a little more;
but came the moment when we both had to go separate ways;
because we lived in different countries;
and I knew I had to go home one day.
I knew from the beginning that all that was ephemeral;
that our time together was limited;
but I just didn't want to think about it;
and rather enjoy the moments I got to spend with you.

it was late at night;
everyone was already in the bus that would bring us to the airport;
everyone but me.
i was still hugging you in this parking lot;
refusing to leave;
refusing to go away from you.
then you promised me that one day we would see each other again;
that you wouldn't forget me;
and i leaved after these last words you pronounced.

several months have passed;
and i saw that you have moved on;
while I'm still madly in love with you.
I hope your new girlfriend's nice and loyal;
I hope she treats you well;
I hope she loves you as much as I do.

I'm not going to lie to myself;
I'm not going to say it doesn't hurt;
but I can't be mad at you.
because 1400km separate us;
because we couldn't have handled the distance;
because I knew our relationship was doomed to failure;
and now all I've got left is a broken heart and memories.

maybe we'll meet again one day;
maybe we'll have the opportunity to start all other again;
maybe we will finally be able to love each other;
or maybe all of that is just an unattainable dream.
but in the end I just want you to know that;
no matter how our story ended;
no matter how I'm suffering right now;
I don't regret a second falling in love with you;
and I honestly wish you all the best.
I'll never forget you.

forever and ever,

— em'

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I didn't plan to post this poem (which isn't really one but whatever) when I wrote it, but why not after all.
my dms are open if you had a similar experience and want to talk about it (everything I wrote really did happened to me), if you see any mistakes, or if you're bored or simply curious and want to know the entire story lol