Science says that the average person walks by a murderer at least thirty six times in their lifetime

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All humans have the ability and capability to snap and kill. Anyone could snap at any time. The waiter who makes your food could poison it? The bus driver could decide to drive off a cliff. Your friend could stab you when your back is in turned. Feeling paranoid yet? You should be.

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This is the story of a real life killer, one of many. He had golden hair and a smile, his looks were to die for. No one really knows exactly why he snapped. He was a promising law student, he had a average middle class childhood. He was smart, good looking, charasmatic, he could have been anybody. The student sitting next to you in class, the stranger at a coffee shop. He even volunteered for a suicide clinic.

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Sometimes he would ask girls to help with groceries, or finding a lost dog. He'd wear his arm in a sling and ask for help walking somewhere or he'd pick up girls in his car. And he'd wait until their backs were turned and beat them to death!!! He tortured these girls and sometimes went back and destroy their dead bodies.

One night he silently snuck into a sorrority house and went from room to room, torturing and killing every girl in her sleep! He cut all these young lives short in a sudden and brutal way.

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His name was Ted Bundy. He's real, look him up. He went on a killing spree for years before being caught. And he's one murderer of millions that could be walking around on any day, including and especially on halloween. Killers can be anyone at any time. If you are scared, you should be.

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