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Congratulations on securing your own apartment! Whether you are just moving out of your parent's place or have finally bought a flat outright, this is a huge milestone and super exciting (if slightly stressful) time.

Your next stop is furnishing and as experts in this department we have some top tips to get you settled in and ready to enjoy your new found freedom. So grab a cuppa and let's get stuck in.

BEAUtiful Bed

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Top of your list is somewhere to lay you head, so first stop is buying a bed. There are tons of different styles to choose from and prices starting at around £50 for a second hand frame up to thousands for bespoke designs with dreamy memory foam or goose feather mattresses.

For smaller or studio apartments, we recommend a comfy sofa bed to maximise on space. For larger bedrooms, try a pretty frame and remember not to skimp on your mattress, you spend a third of your life here after all. Lastly, pick up at least two sets of bed clothes and a few scatter cushions for style.

Kitsch Kitchen

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The next thing you can't live without are kitchen accessories, takeout and microwave food is only exciting for so long. Make a list broken down into separate categories for items relating to cooking, eating, drinking, cleaning and baking. You'll know what you need, but keep in mind the colour and style of your new place. For a monochrome apartment choose black and white appliances or for coastal select pastel hues with stripes and wooden accessories.

Bright Bathroom

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Your bathroom should be a peaceful haven no matter the design, which means no clutter. Based on your colour scheme, pick up a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, wash mirror, shower accessories holder, pedal bin toilet brush and paper holder. Once you have your essentials, you'll also need towels (bath and hand), matching shower mat (x2), a shower curtain and finish off with some moisture friendly plants such as ferns, gardenia or bamboo.

Snuggly Sofa

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You'll want to show off your gorgeous new apartment, but to have your friends over they'll need somewhere to sit! More importantly, you'll want a comfy sofa to relax on in the evening so next stop is furnishing your lounge. If you are on a budget, try not to compromise on quality over size. Smaller is better if it's comfier. Keep in mind your preference on soft over supportive seating and stay away from matching sets, they're so 90's.

Lovely Lamps

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You could have the most stunningly decorated apartment, but it wouldn't look perfect without the right lighting. Lamps and overheads create a relaxing and inviting environment and that is why these should be your next stop. Don't just stick with ceiling lights (although do remember shades for these). Invest in at least two lamps for each room and place these at varying heights to create depth with shadow.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these five pointers should get you settled in nicely. If you're looking for affordable designer furniture, be sure to check out our site, we update our products and blog regularly so you'll find lots of inspiration. For more interior designs and furnishing tips, don't forget to follow us on here too!