Hey darlings, this article is dedicated to help you attain effective life-changing habits. I hope this article would be like a map that will help you to move forward till you reach your rightful destination while discovering more about yourself and the amazing abilities you have.

I'd like to think of it as Hannah’s 13 reasons not why. However instead of writing them as short reminders of why you shouldn’t end your life, let’s write them as actions that will help you survive each day while giving your life a purpose. Let’s make it your powerful secret list of why you wake up every day thankful for what you have & looking forward to further improvement and success.

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At first I tried to keep it short by focusing on the main points. But then, I thought maybe if I wrote a little about each one you’d be more motivated to follow it. So this may be a little long but trust me, it’s going to be worth it. Dear chaotic souls, this article is for you.

It all starts with a few bold strokes

In order to get anywhere. You have to attain a deep understanding of who you are, what you want, why you want that and how you can turn these things into reality.
In other words you need to set a goal. "Where Do You See Yourself in Ten Years from Now?" a Question commonly asked that we hardly find an answer to. However the answer is so simple; just look for whatever you love and do it. It might be weird, impossible or good stuff. It doesn't matter just keep going. I'm sure that’s how you’d like to see yourself in 10 years immersed in things you love.
So grab your pen and answer these previous questions. I believe this is the most important part of any list. and it only depends on you.

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Follow the stars

Great, so you've set your goals but you are clueless to what you can do. You simply need to find your Polaris.
Do you know how people used to get to find their way before all of these fancy inventions? They simply followed the stars. And what's even better is that these stars were once wandering souls just like us. They were normal people with struggles that they managed to overcome and eventually find their way to what they deserve. Look around you for people who have made it; people you admire their work, principles, persistence or even beauty. It can be an actor, a teacher or even your superb granny.
One of the characters that never seize to amaze me is Helen Adams Keller; this brilliant and rebellious soul. Despite her disabilities, she managed to see the world in ways we can never imagne. Reading her book warmed my heart and made me feel the blessing of being alive.

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So go now and let's make a board of these people who have always inspired you and make sure to read their story. I believe the biggest blessing that we have is being able to share our stories. Knowing we aren’t alone; people have gone and will go through all of these stages. Write a line or two about what inspires you the most about them. Just make sure to look at it every several days.

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, be this pretty girl you always looked for

To start a day well, the book says "Eat,Pray,Love". Taking care of yourself isn't a form of vanity as some may think. This actually helps you to be more confident and be at peace and harmony with yourself. Just then, you can do anything.
Start your day with colorful, pleasant and healthy breakfast. And make sure to hydrate often. Take good care of your skin and diet.

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Keep fit

I wanted to talk about physical exercises as a separate point because I wanted to emphasize on its importance. Sticking to a regular workout program will not only help you to keep fit but also will boost your self-confidence and make you happier.
You don’t have to go to the gym. You can subscribe to any of these youtube channels that offer many workouts. One of these channels is Lucy Wyndham-Read. Lucy is such an enthusiastic inspiring wonderful woman. I strongly recommend her channel to you.

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Keep in touch with the outside world

Our brain is like a machine that never stops working. So if your brain isn’t busy with something, it will go back to the finished business. Things you must have thrown it away and come to terms with. However it will keep working through them; bringing you unnecessary thoughts and pain. Hence, if you wish to be happy, keep your mind busy with things that matter; fancy stories, places you dream to visit, science, history or even politics.
Gaining knowledge has no single means; best is reading, of course. However if you don’t like it, you can simply google the internet, watch a video or just watch a documentary on TV.
Reading doesn't mean to check these bestselling fancy books. Sure you can start by them, but if you wish to grow more you have to start reading in different subjects.Start by easy books with remarkable writers in other subjects and slowly you will find yourself growing fondly of them. Don't forget to make short reviews and take notes.
“Have you checked today's news?” Yeah, I know that I might sound like your granny right now. But news is very important, it gives you better understanding of the world and it will help you to talk to others. I know the world isn't a very good place but it’s better to stay in touch, believe me.

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Follow your heart

Find a hobby that you love and make sure to make time for it in your daily routine. It could be drawing, writing, sewing, crocheting or singing. This helps to put your mind at ease and improve your mood.

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TV time

Surprise! No, this isn't the most boring list ever where you have to read newspaper and watch documentaries while crocheting. TV shows are great source of knowledge, experience and entertainment, of course, on condition that you pick the right ones. Some shows help people to make positive changes in their lives and survive. It doesn't have to be a show about a utopian society. Actually, I find myself more attracted to flawed characters and their struggles.

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Self-talk & mini lists

Getting to know yourself is the first step towards moving forward. You’re the only one who knows and understands what you want. Let yourself in and be that friend you’ve always dreamt of. When you do that and completely accept yourself. You’ll also be the best version of you with others.

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Speaking to yourself positively is the best thing you can start your day with. Assure yourself that everything is fine and you are on the right track. Say 2 things you admire about yourself and then write a list by things you wish to accomplish by the end of your day; small achievements. It could be “I’ll help someone, I’ll smile more, I’ll talk to a friend, I will do my best in work or simply I will do my 15 min reading”
Wear your best smile and always say “Yes, I can”. Make sure to improve each day and make a motto so whenever you get depressed or lost you’d remember it.

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Stop this endless scrolling & Never expect

If you get pressured by social media sites, just eliminate them from your life. Social media is all about putting on an act in front of strangers and making everything look perfect when it doesn’t need to be. We always look for what we don't have and as humans we are not equal we got different qualities. These sites will only make you look to the worst parts of you and you may spend your life unaware of the real magic within you.

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Time to sum it up

At the end of the day, make sure to write down the good and bad things. Ask yourself what I could have done and put it at the top of your tomorrow’s list and be proud with the good things you did today and remeber ...

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