Indian Movies are notorious for their overdramatic scenarios, confusing, unrealistic plotlines and actors randomly breaking out into a weirdly well coordinated choreography. If you never watched an Indian Movie, don't worry, not all movies are like that, thank god! There are still some gems, with a clean, beautiful scenario that you can enjoy. I have compiled a short list if you wanna try watching Indian movies that are not corny. Trust me, it's worth it. I will try to translate the titles where possible.

1. Kahaani (English: A story)
Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Crime

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Plot: A heavily pregnant woman goes to India from the UK in search of her missing husband, but everyone denies ever meeting him.
Review: The screenplay by Sujoy Ghosh will captivate you. The actors do justice to the characters. The climax: AMAZING! This story will grip you and will leave you spellbound at the end. The movie deserves all the praises and awards it received.

2. A Wednesday
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime

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Plot: A retiring police officer reminisces one of the weirdest cases he came across during his career where a man calls the police department and says that he has planted 5 bombs in different parts of the city and will not detonate them if he gets 4 terrorists in exchange.
Review: I watched this when I was young, a pre-teen I think and this movie marked me and left me with chills and tears in my eyes and with thoughts like "damn, when did society become so escapist? What if things were different." The plot is carried out beautifully by the protagonists and is a nice change from "commercial"movies.

3. 3 idiots
Genre: Comedy, Drama

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Plot: As 2 friends set out to search for their long lost friend, they recall their college days with that friend who taught them to think differently even if the world looked down upon them.
Review: You will cry most of the time: tears of joy, tears of sadness but it is such a beautiful story. It might start out silly but as the plot progresses, it takes a more mature look at life in general, elaborating on parental pressures and pressures from society. Highly recommend!

4. Drishyam (English: a visual)
Genre: Thriller, Suspense

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Plot: After his teenage daughter commits a crime while trying to defend herself, a man desperately tries to save his family from the dark, corrupted facet of the Indian Law.
Review: It was inspired by the Japanese novel "The Devotion of Suspect X" but the movie takes a whole different direction instead of blatantly copying the book. The trailer left me unexcited but when I watched it, it was so worth it! Dare I say, a masterpiece if you like crime thrillers that deal with police-suspects relationship. The ending will leave you with goosebumps, very unexpected. It is a beautiful portrayal of 2 parents going extremes for their kids.

5. PK (English: drunk)
Genre: Comedy

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Plot: An alien who loses communication with his planet of origin meets a young woman who takes him under her wing and during his stay on Earth, raises questions on religion and society.
Review: You will warm up to the child like innocence of the "alien" and the charm of the actress. It is a simple movie but conveys life lessons laced with comedic dialogues. It does have a romance factor but isn't overly cheesy. I adore this movie so much.

6. Dangal (English: wrestling arena)
Genre: Autobiography. Drama

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Plot: It is a biopic of a father who trains his two daughters in wrestling and they ultimately become the first Indian Female Wrestler to win gold and silver at the Commonwealth Games.
Review: In a country where girls face societal oppression, it is encouraging to see a father teach his girls wrestling and eventually take them to higher levels in life. The stone cold father never openly demonstrates love to his girls, but you can see in the way he acts that he has dreams for them. It is beautiful to watch and hello! It is a true story!

7. Neerja
Genre: Biopic, Drama

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Plot: It is the true story of an air hostess who sacrificed her life for the passengers of a hijacked airplane.
Review: The story will leave you crying at the end. The plot stays right on track till the end (no sudden bursts of singing and dancing in flashbacks) and the acting is immaculate. The script is very strong and it grips you the whole time as you find yourself worrying about the passengers and the protagonist. The movie is beautifully carried by the actress,

8. Bhool Bhulaiyaa (English: the maze)
Genre: Comedy,Thriller, Suspense

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Plot: A couple stay in an ancestral home, paying no heed to people that claim it is haunted but after they face inexplicable happenings, decide to call in a psychiatrist for help.
Review: The story line is interesting, the casting has been well done and the movie doesn't sag. It is an intelligent mix of romance, suspense and comedy. It is a different take on suspense movies with a plot twist at the end. Must watch!

9. Golmaal: Fun Unlimited (English: Suspicious Events)
Genre: Comedy

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Plot: Four runaway friends take shelter in a blind couple's luxurious bungalow after the blind woman mistakes one of them for her grandson.
Review: I decided to include this because even if it is commercial in nature, I have never seen such a story line, ever. It is funny the way the four friends manage to stay in the house without letting the blind couple know. The story is not perfect but it is fresh and interesting and you will laugh the whole time!

10. Piku
Genre: Comedy, Drama

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Plot: It is a quirky comedy on the relationship between an aging father and a daughter who is getting fed up with his eccentricities.
Review: The screenplay is good, dialogues are witty and it doesn't look like acting at all! It is a very realistic movie, which may get slow but is still watchable because of the soft blend of comedy and romance.

Please note that these are my personal preferences and I am trying to target an audience who is just getting acquainted to Indian Cinema. As much as I am complaining about the sudden singing and dancing, note that I will also be the first in line to watch the next Housefull or Karan Johar movie and to this day will cry watching the reunion between rahul and rohan in KKKG....

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it ♥