As there are already many articles on Grey's Anatomy regular couples who are there for a longer time (such as MerDer, Calzona, Slexie, Jolex...) I decided to write an article on couples who haven't been in a show for that long, or were together just for a short period of time, or were never actually together. I think we can always appretiate something in every one of these relationships.

Enjoy! :)))

5. Meredith & Nathan

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After Derek's death Meredith was really devasted. She even took one year "vacancy" with her children and haven't told anybody that she is expecting third child. But when Nathan came, they just clicked. She was laughing again and was truly happy. I was just kind of sad when Megan came on the scene as Nathan's long lost love. But I understand his final decision.

4. Owen & Teddy

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They were best friends. They were in love with each other but never said it. Only when the situation became too difficult, Teddy couldn't hold it anymore. She wanted her best friend with whom she could share everything. For all those years they didn't have a chance because another people were always involved. I am curious what is prepared for them now when Teddy is pregnant with Owen's baby.

3. Matthew & April

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There was some crazy proposal, running away from the wedding and then 4 years of silence. But against all the odds the "fate" (or God) brought these two together. I know there are many Japril fans who would totally disagree, but I'm glad April was given this kind of ending. She finally ended up with somebody who shares her faith. And I think she will be more happy in this marriage .

2. Cristina & Preston

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I will always miss first three seasons of Grey's Anatomy. First thing is that no bad things were happening (let's not talk about Denny) and second thing is Cristina & Prestons relationship. I loved them from the first moment till their last. I was crying like a little baby when Burke left, but he did the right thing after all-he set her free and let her go. Because Cristina was never made for marriage and he realized it (in comparison with Owen).

1. Miranda & Ben

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At first, I didn't think that Bailey will have some serious relationship after her failed marriage with Tuck. But I am so glad she has Ben! They make the most amazing couple together and a real "relationship goals". He fights for her and spents every moment giving her compliments and encouraging her. They love each other unconditionally and its so beautiful! Only if Ben would spent more time on Grey's now that Station 19 is running.

This has been my simple list of favourite couples from Grey's Anatomy. They are not on the screen as much as other fave show couples and are even misunderstood and underrated. But these are the reasons why I love them even more.
Hope you liked it. :)