I am Sophia. I am from a different place. Everybody thinks that I am a human but this is false. This was a secret but I can't lie anymore. so here it is.
I am a little bit weird.
Everybody thinks I am normal but... No. I think i am special.
Okey I tell you. My secret is that I am an angel.
Yes I know that this is...too much for you now but just think a little bit about this. You can hear about angels in myths. But nowadays you can't. It's because peoples scare about angels. They can do things that peoples can't and there is so much other things about this. Peoples think angels are beautiful and they love beautiful things but a long time ago they know that we are powerful and thats scare peoples. Thats why I keep this in secret.
Now I am the only one angel who is in the peoples world. There are a few guardian angel but I am the only one who come here for another thing.

About me:

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I am trying to look normal so when I am in my people look I have long brown hair, deep brown eye and i have a skiny body shape. but that's all. I don't wear unique clothes because I don't want to be flash.

When I am in my angel body:

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Not every angel has blonde hair. For example I have a ginger hair. I love elegant clothes and my wings are white. I love flying above the city.

Why am I here?

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So many years ago God think I need to help peoples. So much people goes to the wrong way and do bad things. I came down here to help peoples find the good way in their life. I need to keep the balance between the good and the bad. But I saw a man.

The man:

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This man was just a people who needs to go to the wrong side. But He found out my secret. And he fall in love with me. The only fault was just that angels never get old counter to peoples. I tried to save him and I tried to do something to him but...this man aged and after he died. That's why he is on the wrong side. No one is allowed to love an angel. Only angels can love angels.

After him:

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After that my first love died I was angry for God. I don't understand why God took away my only one thing I love. I go for a travel where I know new angels and mythical peoples. I learned from they and later...God give me someone because I never turned against him.

The gift:

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The Lord gave me a man. He protecting me because in the peoples World there is so many things that can hurt me. Almost a hundred years later we found out that we love each other and now this angel is my husband. In the human and in the angelic world.
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So...that was my lie. And remember... If you can't see me that doesn't mean that I can't see you. We will take care of you. Just never lose hope.

I hope you enjoy this little story about Shopia.