Her hair is bright red
Her eyes have seen a lot of suffering

She has left the black river
that she once almost drowned in
She has risen from the ashes
with a spirit of a survivor

is the phoenix of our generation
Through her light-filled heart
she earned her wings
Through the strength of her soul
she earned a second life

Her thoughts always fall
into places nobody has traveled before
When she thinks, she thinks like no other
When she speaks, she inspires

The goodness in her is so strong
that not even the greatest amount of pain
has managed to turn her evil

She loves even those
who believe they don't deserve it
She heals even those
who have fallen towards the darkness

I just hope that one day
she will be able to shake off
all of the ashes still covering her wings

I just hope that one day
her suffering will end
and her love for life return.