hei, how are you doing guys ?
i don't know are you read this article or not, but i just want to share this.
but first, i'm so sorry because my english is so bad and this is my first time to expose my english to public
okey, let's start

what do you thing about life ?
what are your opinion about this ?
sometimes i'm thinking about "why did so hard to stay in my way and why did i'm so tired to my life?"
just like someone who are so hopeless, but actually i'm not.
this is just like a feeling but i don't know how to show it.
am i a hopeless girl?
i just feel like i'm so tired every time of my life and i have so many problem
i have a problem in my family, i have a problem with my mom then i have a so many problem in my studies, then i have so many question in my head that i can't understand
i don't know what happen to me
i don't know how to finish it
it's just make me so confuse, stress and hopeless
why should i do to finish all of my problem?
i don't really even know.
i just want to take a bed for long time and wishing for a good feeling and lucky life.