Beforehand, I want to say how grateful I am that finally can finish this challenge, even it's out of the track that I should finish this on October 13/14. Yeah, I know, I was 19 days late than I should do, and don't get me wrong I'm actually feeling guilty about it, but my life was a little bit mess, sick, and frustrated lately. So when I'm feeling not really okay I just decide to take a break.

I hope you understand my circumstance, also I really don't want to complaining but it makes me breathe easier if I explain it to you all. I truly really thankful and grateful that the journey I made to take this challenge is really have so much meaning and makes me realize that I known nothing so I have to learn more. Acknowledge that I'm not that really bad writer, and I can make a poems, in ENGLISH. The old me would never believe it, she even hates poems and don't like to read, even to write and make it one.

Okay, enough the very long excuses. I hope you found this entertaining to read. Also, if one of you are have not read my twenty-eighth day poetry challenge, don't need to worry, here's the link about the article:

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Day 30: be free to write whatever you think is missing in this list.

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Thank you Note.

I will give a thank you note
and stick it to their heart
for all the people
who read this,
create this,
support my strength;
'cause behind all the words
is from you
and I love you so much;
once again, thanks to you.

- ven

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Last but not least, I want to say thank you to @hstylesoulwt that create this challenge, you're so awesome! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed and please leave it a heart or reaction, to my poetry article if you like it!

That's all for now & see you tomorrow, babes~♡

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