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If you're like me and you're still looking for a Halloween costume idea to rock today don't you worry - I got you covered! As a back up plan I still can go as a pirate, since that's my back up plan every Halloween, but maybe I step it up this year and try one of the following ideas:

for you

Halloween, makeup, and autumn image makeup image Temporarily removed costumes and Halloween image
pumkin - which I strongly considered this year, until I realised I can't do makeup
Halloween, makeup, and wonder woman image
wonder woman
makeup, Halloween, and beauty image Halloween, deer, and makeup image
deer - aka bambi
makeup, Halloween, and autumn image Halloween, makeup, and orange image
ellise image Image removed
doll - also very strong marina and the diamonds vibes
autumn, blonde hair, and fall image
marilyn monroe

for you and your friends

Image removed
mean girls
besties, costumes, and girl image
winnie pooh, tigger, piglet
Halloween, ideas, and blue image
alvin and the chipmunks
Image removed
sun & moon
Temporarily removed
kim possible & shego

for couples

Image removed
angel & devil - also please appreciate jesse's iconic "innocent face"
autumn, boys, and costumes image friendship, girl, and Halloween image couple, Halloween, and makeup image fall, Halloween, and halloween costumes image
skeletons aka risen from the dead °~*together*~°
bae, blood, and costume image Abusive image
priest & nun
couple, Halloween, and costume image
spies or secret agents

So, I guess that's it for today! I hope I could give you some inspiration for tonight - let me know which idea you found best and how your Halloween turns out this year! I'll see you on Sunday!

Song recommendation of today: Aries - RACECAR

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