Once it was an attraction and dream of everyPunjabi to settle ,work and earn handsomely in overseas countries. A big population of Punjab especially from Punjab Doaba region migrated to UK before 1947 and remain migrating after 1947 . Most of these people were from agrarian and scheduled castes. These people invested lit of money in their villages and always welcomed here with suitcases full of gifts. Prosperity of these NRIs encourages Punjabis to find a way legal or illegal to arrange a visa for UK. After many years Amarica was the new destination for Punjabis after impositions if restrictions by UK. Agrarian Punjabis who were holding a very small piece of agricultural land were rushing to USA even by selling their lands. In return in India families turned prosperous with US $. Getting Visa for US was becoming Herculean task. In the mean time countries like New Zealand and Australia opened gates for study. Every Punjabi family was eager to cash the chances of settling abroad. Many years settling abroad was the compulsion/desire for the financially affordable families to send abroad their sons who were not good at study in India and were growing aimless unemployed. Later going abroad on study base became a peergroup chasing fashion. Unemployment has become the cancer for Punjabi youth. Highly educated youth whose parents have burned their hard earned lacs for BTech,MBA,MCA are jobless. Job heavens are beyond Punjab are not paying good to meet the Punjabi lavish styles.

Now without second thought we have to accept that now days Punjabi Youth is under CUMPULSION to see their future abroad. These young people knows that they have to do menial jobs and hardwork during study . Every Punjabi boy or girl is spending more than 15 lacs for study visa in any country. Parents are sending their +2 childeren whether girl or boy to Canada by spending their Provident Fund and bank loan. Parents are not afraiding to send +2 childeren in an unseen land,but they are afraiding of the future unemployment and frustration .

It's a choice.

I guess every individual has the right to make their own choice, just like you have the right to judge. :)

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