I am a native of Trinidad and Tobago who grew up in America because my family migrated when I was very young; I had my first birthday in New York.
I am also a Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon whose birthday is either the day before, of, or after the Fall Equinox every year! I closely relate to the spirit animal of a Pheonix because my life has been filled with tons of deaths and rebirths. I am also Hindu and the "t" in my name is silent, pronounced Drishana lol.
I love astrology, spirituality, and writing among other things. About a year or two ago, the amount of fear and lack of focus in my life led me on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and healing that was very profound for me and the lessons I continue to learn are amazing and WeHeartIt was an app that helped me with a lot of things in life such as motivation, staying focused and envisioning the life I desired so when I saw that they introduced articles I felt like this was the perfect platform to express myself creatively, as the life path number 3 that I am.

My goal for my "page" on here is to write articles about various spiritually related topics, as well as some random poems, maybe some photos of art that I do because my goals for my 21st year is to step out of my comfort zone, express myself creatively, and enjoy life to the fullest yet the cheapest way possible (may include articles about that too!). I hope you guys enjoy my upcoming articles; feel free to reach out to me on Instagram DM, if you guys wish to discuss any of the topics, just let me know you're there from WHI lol.

DISCLAIMER: My future articles are my own opinions and experiences. I am still growing as a person and if I come across as a witch that is okay. I do not personally identify with it but I have no ill feelings against it either. I consider myself a petitioner and in the future would love to help people.