hey :)
I thought I'd try this because I'm sharing what i'm grateful for this month, and being grateful releases happiness, so why not :)

thankful :)

black, jeans, and grunge image
I got some new black jeans, they make me feel confident :)
madison beer image
I made a new best friend this month, he's helped me through a lot :)
computer, stickers, and yellow image
I've made some pre cool friends online!
aesthetic, girly, and morning image
it got a bit sunnier recently which made me feel a little happier :)
friends, beach, and travel image
I've made some really awesome friendships this month at schoollllll
journal, black, and inspiration image
I've started writing and talking more about my feelings
peach, aesthetic, and peachy image
I found some really good music this month :)

did you enjoy this?
I'm thinking about doing one every month??
I hope everyone is doing s'well,
mads :)