dear insecurity,

we became acquainted at age 10
but I never knew what being "friends" with you meant

i'll be honest,
you made my life hell

I was constantly never good enough,
never worth anything to you

my acne was awful
my skin was too tan
my eyebrows were too bushy
my hair was a frizzy, tangled mess
and I had too much fat on my body,
just to name a few

I was too much or not enough for you

yet I listened to your words,
fed off of them even

I tried all the creams, toners, face masks,
so that my acne would disappear

I tried all the whitening products,
so that my skin would get whiter

I went through the pain of waxing and shaving,
so that my eyebrows would look perfect

I bought the most expensive flat iron
So that my hair would finally be straight

I ate less and less everyday,
so that I would get skinnier

how stupid I was to even believe you for a second

my face is beautiful,
with or without acne

my skin is beautiful the way it is,
no matter what the shade

my eyebrows complement my facial features,
not detract from it

my curly hair is a gift
it shows my bubbly personality

my body fat doesn’t matter,
because I’m happy with the way I look

I just want to let you know that

I don’t need you in my life anymore
Because I’m finally happy with who I am


Temporarily removed
A/N: For those struggling, you will get better. It was a long journey, one that I never thought I could do. But, you can do it. I believe in you. If you need someone to talk to, I'll support in any way that I can. Lots of love <3.