Hello and happy halloween!!!! my dear followers 👻👻👻 In this article I´m sharing with all of you a few tittles to enjoy in an intense and terrifying halloween marathon

🎃 Halloween (1978)

Halloween, horror, and october image

🎃 Session 9

Temporarily removed

🎃 Death tunnel

Temporarily removed

🎃 House of wax

house of wax and horror image Abusive image

🎃 Boo (2005)

Temporarily removed hospital, miedo, and scary image

🎃 House of 1000 corpses

Abusive image house of 1000 corpses, sherri moon zombie, and karen black image

🎃 Cube (1997)

art, cinema, and cube image

🎃 The descent

Abusive image the descent image

🎃 1408

Image removed door, movie, and terror image

🎃 The conjuring

Temporarily removed Abusive image

🎃 The hills have eyes (1977)

abandoned, apocalyptic, and desert image abandoned, desert, and photography image abandoned, desert, and post-apocalyptic image desert, photography, and vintage image

🎃 Martyrs

Temporarily removed

🎃 The taking of Derborah Logan

Temporarily removed

🎃 The purge

the purge, purge, and thepurge image Temporarily removed

🎃 Silence of the lambs

Abusive image anthony hopkins and silence of the lambs image

🎃 As above so below

as above so below image as above so below image as above and so below image Image removed

🎃 The possesion of Michael King

Temporarily removed black and white, candles, and Darkness image

🎃 The Emily Rose exorcism

exorcism and exorcism of emily rose image creepy, emily, and exorcist image

🎃 Event Horizon

Temporarily removed dark, death, and fear image

🎃 Trick ´r treat

Temporarily removed 2007, horror, and movie image

🎃 Rosemary´s baby

bridge, buildings, and pink image rosemary's baby and Mia Farrow image

🎃 The autopsy of Jane Doe

actor, boy, and creepy image emile hirsch, film, and horror image

🎃 Feardotcom

horror, horror movie, and feardotcom image

🎃 Raw

raw image

🎃 Freaks (1932)

Image by C O A C H E L L A 1932, freaks, and movie image

🎃 28 days later

28 days later image Temporarily removed Image removed

🎃 Get out

movie, get out, and film image get out, movie, and allison williams image

🎃 Alien (1979)

1979, sci-fi, and alien image creature, movie, and sci fi image

🎃 Cannibal holocaust (1980)

Image removed

🎃 Audition

aesthetic, black, and dark image

🎃The human centipede

horror, horror movie, and gore image the human centipede and el cienpies humano image