please please PLEASE watch all the movies on this list they're all so visually stunning and just GOOD FILMS


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starring : timothee chalamet, armie hammer, michael stuhlbarg, amira casar. directed by luca guadagnino.

genre: romance, coming of age, drama
language: english, italian, french

stunning visuals, powerful story, raw acting, beautiful soundtrack. luca guadagnino directs this emotional coming of age romance set in 1983 italy. it is a must-watch. as you can see from the screencaps above, the cinematography is dreamlike and ethereal, the sun-drenched landscapes make you feel as if you are recalling a memory instead of watching a film. go watch it right now xoxox


the grand budapest hotel, movie, and car image wes anderson image Mature image cinema, film, and gustave image Agatha, art, and film image wes anderson, the grand budapest hotel, and zero image
starring : ralph fiennes, saiorse ronan, tony revelori, willem dafoe, adrien brody. directed by wes anderson.

genre: comedy, crime, drama
language: english

aesthetic comedy. everybody say thank you wes anderson. the grand budapest hotel is fucking funny, and its not some cheesy dumb dumb redneck hee hee humor, its actually funny. will you piss your pants watching this film at the same time as you are in awe at the fairy-tale-like visuals you are witnessing on screen? its more likely than you think. wes anderson has a reputation for doing whatever he does to his films and let me tell you, he does whatever he does to his films good. theres a consistent theme and a palette of bubblegum pinks, deep reds, rich purples, and warm beiges throughout the film, and of course it wouldnt be a wes anderson film if there wasnt shit tons of yellow. amazing movie 10/10 go watch mwuah

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968)

2001, space, and 2001: a space odyssey image 2001, A Space Odyssey, and Keir Dullea image 2001: a space odyssey image 2001: a space odyssey, Stanley Kubrick, and space odyssey image 2001: a space odyssey, space odyssey, and Stanley Kubrick image 2001: a space odyssey, space, and Stanley Kubrick image
starring : kier dullea, gary lockwood, douglas rain, william sylvester. directed by stanley kubrick.

genre: science fiction, fantasy, epic
language: english

OKAY OKAY OKAY yall looking at the year 1968 and thinking its gonna be some dusty ass black and white charlie chaplin lookin ass flick just because this movie is 50 years old WELL its NOT !! ! ! ! this movie was ahead of its time in 1968, and it STILL is in the great god given year of 2018. yall ever been on an lsd trip? had shrooms? the experience you get while watching this film is similar. this movie is like a gateway into artistically inclined cinema. i dont know what stanley kubrick was on but i would like ten of what he was having. the visuals are futuristic, eerie, beautiful and calm(ish). even i put off watching this movie because i didn't think that a movie from 50 years ago would ever be on par with the movies they make today, simply because they didnt have the resources back then. i was wrong. while i was watching 2001: a space odyssey, i completely forgot the year that this was made in. it felt like a movie from the distant future, and when i walked away i had an intense i just got fucked the fuck up but im not complaining feeling. please, please dont make the mistake i did and go watch this film ASAP!!! dont miss out


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starring : youji matsuda, yuriko ishida, yuuko tanaka, akihiro miwa. directed by hayao miyazaki.

genre: fantasy, drama, anime
language: japanese

dreamlike atmospheres, simplistic figures, minimal details, fluid animation, hayao miyazaki's film princess mononoke is perfect. the film delves deep into a commentary of humanity's flaws, giving you more to think about after you walk away from the film. the visuals here are gorgeous. im sure every one here has seen at least 5 people use a princess mononoke screencap for their social media profile photo. but who can blame them? this film is perfect for all ages, i remember watching this at age 6 and falling in love with this film, and even now i still love it. even if anime isnt your thing, youll still enjoy this film.

MUSTANG (2015)

girl, mustang, and turkish movie image cannes, dreamy, and film image adventure, aesthetic, and alternative image film, forest, and girls image film, girl, and mustang image cannes, cry, and girl image
starring : gunes sensoy, doga doguslu, tugba sunguroglu, ilayda akdogan, elit iscan. directed by deniz gamze erguven

genre: drama, sisterhood
language: turkish

this. this this this this. this. i have no words to describe how much i love this movie. this is the only film i have EVER seen that made me cry. at all. but it didnt just make me tear up, it had me bawling. the reason why is that this film touches on some of my personal experiences, and i identified with the girls on a very deep level. this is such an emotional and thrilling film. but its not some sappy boo hoo we are all sad type shit, so dont worry. out of all the films on this list, i urge you to watch this one the most. the cinematography is nostalgic and hauntingly beautiful, and the surroundings of the turkish countryside are used incredibly well in this film. the screencaps i used here do NOT do the film justice. mustang is horribly underrated and i couldnt find any decent screencaps to use and i cant be fucked making my own stills. IF YOU DONT GO WATCH MUSTANG RIGHT MF NOW

i spent way too long writing this