this article is more for myself than anything else but i also want other people knowing that trying to better yourself and self care is actually super cool
tbh, just read the captions and look at the pretty pictures :))

1. drink more water

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benefits = help clear acne, reduce bloating, fighting hunger/feeling more full, feeling less fatigued, feeling more active, less headaches/migraines

2. vitamin D

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this means getting outdoors more, TANNING, eating healthier, taking my vitamins EVERYSINGLEDAY, getting more of the D ;))

3. skin care yo

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i want to start dry brushing(?) but i also want to do more face masks/scrubs and just generally cleaning my face regularly

4. working out

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i say i'm going to start like once a week and just never do, even though i actually want to but i just NEVER feel genuinely motivated in myslelf :((

5. sleep more often

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for the past few months i have been staying up until early hours of the morning and that really needs to change because i honestly just always feel like shit and i'm over it (hence the article)

6. save up

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i have a brand new job and am not too awesome at saving money because i'm always just giving it away so saving up is definitely a new goal because of goal no.7

7. move out!!!

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i just dream of owning my own apartment, but tbh, these days, who doesn't!
THAT IS ALL. p.s. i want to start getting into a routine and i'm hoping that making this article and posting it here can help motivate me
thankyouu to those who actually read all this bs<3