Hey guys! I'm Marcela and today I'm gonna write the day 12 of the tag "30 Days Writing Challenge". I hope you like it and can get to know me better.

Day 12: Write about five blessings in your life

1- My family

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I'm so blessed for my family! I love so much my mom, my dad and my sis. Actually, my family isn't the "traditional". My parents are divorced and I have a stepfather and I am so lucky because he is a nice man for my mom. I love my entire family including cousins and uncles. I miss so much my grandparents but I recognize how much loved I was from them. I love my family and I know I am loved too.

2- My friends

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I don't have many friends but I know my friends are the bests! They are always by my side and they know I'm there for them too. I am so grateful for all moments we live together. I love them so much!

3- My health

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I think my health is my greatest blessing! I never get sick. I am so grateful for being healthy.

4- My education

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I am so grateful for study in good schools! In my country (Brazil, if you don't know) having a quality education is very expensive. And I recognize this and I am grateful for all hard work my parents had to pay my school and high school. Because of this I can make a college and create my future.

5- My lifestyle

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No, I'm not rich. But I have a comfortable life with so many good people by my side. I have a good routine and I live in Rio de Janeiro, so I can go to the beach and stay close to the nature. I love live here even all the problems.

So guys this the five blessings in my life. Thank you for read my article and for your patience with my english. I'm still learning.
Stay beautiful!