Two years ago I lived in a small city, where all people know each other and where u can’t face with a big crowd of tourists. And I couldn’t imagine my life without this forgotten town.

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But now I am living in Prague, Czech Republic and studying in High School of Economics. And I can totally express, that I fall in love with this city. All of these were new for me: lots of cars and trams, crowded streets, tourists.
From my point of view, I’ve made a right decision, because I’ve seen the world not only from the perspective of my own country. In addition, Prague has a lot of incredible buildings, narrow atmospheric streets, cozy cafes and wonderful parks!

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Of course, I miss my parents and friends.. I considered, that I couldn’t live without support and help of my family.. But I understand now, that their love and care help me overcome difficulties, be well on my way and remember who I am.

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