hi, guys ♡. this is the first of many little playlists to come. i'll be posting a titled playlist based on the month every first, and there'll be a few in between with varying moods/vibes.

also, be sure to follow my feed for categorized posts, upcoming articles and more. my newest project is an instagram where i'll be posting said playlists, poems, aesthetic posts, articles, and more. join in on my little fun attempt to spread positive vibes and treating people with kindness.

without further ado, welcome to my november playlist! it's officially fall, and this month's playlist has an acoustic, chill, blues-y vibe. there's nothing better to me than curling up with a blanket, good song, warm drink and blunt in hand. take it easy this month, guys..

♡ ɴoveмвer plαylιѕт ♡
₁. good thing gone : elle king
₂. tired of being alone : al green
₃. lost on you : lp
₄. hold on : alabama shakes
₅. jolene : ray lamontagne
₆. everytime the sun comes up : sharon van etten
₇. time after time : iron and wine
₈. dreams : fleetwood mac
₉. six cold feet : hugh laurie
₁₀. meet me in the morning : bob dyla
₁₁. way down we go : kaleo
₁₂. i'm a man of constant sorrow : sawyer fredericks
₁₃. heart of gold : neil young
₁₄. tennessee love : yelawolf

find this playlist on spotify: https://spoti.fi/2DcoCS9