This article is to show some of my favorite movies.
Hope you like it!

9- Sierra Burgess Is a Loser
(Have on Netflix)

A case of mistaken identity results in an unexpected romance, when the most popular high school girl and greatest loser must unite to conquer their passions.

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That move is so sweet and and cute!

8- Iron Man
(Have on Netflix)

Tony Stark is a billionaire and weapon developer who is kidnapped and needs to build an iron armor to get rid of this ambush.
Thus the Iron Man is born

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I love superhero movies!

7- Nerve
(Have on Netflix)

The Vee student, pressed by her friends, decides to participate in the online game Nerve, which makes real challenges to its players. However, the game takes a frightening course and, as it reaches the final stage, Vee needs to make decisions that will determine its future

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That movie is so cool!

6- Love,Simon

At age 17, Simon Spier appears to lead an ordinary life, but suffers from hiding a great secret: he has not revealed to be gay to his family and friends. And everything gets more complicated when he falls in love with one of his classmates, anonymous, on the internet.

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That movie is fantastic!!

5- The Hangover

This movie tells the story of Phil Wenneck, Stu Price and Alan Garner, who travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party to celebrate the marriage of their friend Doug Billings. However, Phil, Stu and Alan do not remember the events of the previous night and must find Doug before the wedding begins.

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That movie is so fun and funny!

4- Love, Rosie
(Have on Netflix)

Alex and Rosie are inseparable friends who grew up together in London, sharing their best experiences. Everything changes when Alex gets a scholarship and moves to the United States. Separated, your ways are now others.

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3- Me Before You

Young and quirky Louisa Clark moves from job to job to help support her family. However, her cheerful attitude is tested when she becomes caretaker of Will Traynor.

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This movie is very cute! I admit that I cry whenever I watch

2- Mean Girls
(Have on Netflix)

The teenager Cady Heron was educated in Africa by her scientific parents. When her family moves to the suburbs of Illinois, Cady finally goes to public school and gets a quick introduction to the unspoken laws of popularity that divide her peers. Unwittingly, she finds herself in the middle of an elite group of students dubbed Plastic, but Cady soon learns why her new group of friends earned her nickname.

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1- Donnie Darko
(Have on Netflix)

Donnie is an eccentric young man who despises the vast majority of his classmates. He has visions, especially of Frank, a giant rabbit that only he can see and that encourages him to play humiliating games with those around him. One day, one of his visions draws him out of the house and tells him that the world will be over in a month. Donnie initially does not believe it, but moments later, the turbine of an airplane crashes into his home and he begins to wonder what the true background of this prediction is.

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This movie is so good and difficult to understand, you need to watch it a million times to understand perfectly, but it's worth too much to watch. If it helps, there is a book that is very good too.

I love watching movies, of course there are many others that I like a lot, but I decided only for the ones in this article.

My article about series:

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