-the last one of this serie-

well, for one week now & w/ 6 articles, i've talked about keys to love yourself but i wanted to close this serie with this :

it is okay if you don't love yourself right now.

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by that, i mean : it is okay if you still struggle with self-love & can't get there yet.

understand this :
self-love is a personal journey.

some will get there very easily, while for others it will take some time & work.
and that is okay.
this is a thing between you & yourself only.

about this, you don't own anything to anyone and no one can make you love yourself except you.
so, it is okay if you still struggle loving yourself.

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and i also know that it is tough.
i've been here too & just saying "i want to" doesn't work.
but i'll tell you this :
even though it is tough, it is worth it.
'cause you're so much happier when you fully love yourself, and accept yourself just the way you are.

so : take all the time you need to love yourself.
this is not a run against the clock, you have time & it won't change in one day anyway.

please don't beat yourself because right now, you can't be happy with the way you are.
it is not your fault.
it will get better.
if you can't love yourself, well i love you <3.

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so, cheer up & take all the time you need.
take care & love you <3

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