You decided to be successful...what is they key that will help you on your journey? Your confidence my dear...Many people have specific qualities that are important for growing business, they are comfortable with risks, they have plans, ideas, they are passionate, but...What might have the most influence over a business woman is confidence. Everything you do, decisions you make, most activities require some level of confidence...

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1. Your posture says a lot.

Keep your head in neutral position, chin raised, take care of your clothes, how you stand or sit, how you put your legs, your manners must be shown too. Never show that you are insecure, or even feel like that because body will reveal everything about your feelings.

No matter in what situation you got, stay calm, take a breath and don't show up, stand confidently and try to solve all what is in front of you. Don't slouch when meeting with colleagues, clients, costumers, poor posture will make you insecure, disinterested, or worse, lazy. If you work a lot in front of desk, chances are your posture has suffered. Just don't worry, work on it and in time all will be good!

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2. Do your best, and don't worry whatever happens.

If you lack of self-assurance you might often stress over things, worry about what others think about you and if you did all well, and what could happen if you didn't, how will others accept your mistakes... I will ask you something only, why you do this to yourself? Is it really worth worrying and ruining your health and peace?

People will always speak no matter if you did good or bad, as someone who is in business give your best, and the rest will follow you. Because if they knew better than you they would have done it already, so they just want to speak around and affect your confidence and attitude, and see you on the ground.

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3. Show positivity.

Radiate positivity always, because we are bombarded every day with bad talks, thoughts and even people. Don't let their energy affect your good mood, keep smiling, fill your mind with good and successful thoughts. Show gratitude for small acts, and be appreciative of those around you. If you make it a habit to be positive and grateful, it will become second nature.

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4. Grow and improve.

A small accomplishment can help you boost you confidence even if it is not related to business or your work. Learn something new, read books, study and improve your knowledge, invest in yourself and it will pay off. Meet there new people, try to speak with them and practise confidence on that way, in class, with new people, public speaking with help you a lot too. You will speak about your ideas and thoughts without fear.

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5. Pick some time for yourself.

You will push yourself toward burnout or sheer exhaustion. Make sure you give yourself some time to rest and things you love. You must work smartly not a lot. Quality in front of quantity, remember that...

Schedule your week plan, have breaks, go our for a coffee, buy yourself something new, surprise you family, yourself. Go out in nature or near river for a walk, rest you mind, fill the batteries for next steps, and next "battles".

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6. Don't be afraid to ask for advice.

Whenever you find yourself in an struggle against self-doubt, don't feel bad to ask for help from friend, advisor, colleague and get his or her best advice. An objective opinion will help you look at life or problem differently, overcome your challenges and transform your attitude.

It is never a shame when you don't know something, no one knows all, so we are there to help each other. Overcome your fears, and feel free to ask people around you, no one will blame you for something you don't know, even if they do, don't mind it! They don't have compassion for others, just leave them and there will be someone else who will offer a help for sure!

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Stay classy and bossy, I hope you are all doing well, I am being a bit busy these days, but still articles will be there...Kisses for all and until that you can check my collection of articles I wrote, and some of them below that might help...

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